I’ve been cast under a spell

Sounds so cheesy, isn’t it? But seriously that’s what I’ve been feeling for the past three months. I’ve been much more into Byun Baekhyun of EXO than I could ever imagine, and it’s become borderline addiction lol in a healthy way though.

Ryeowook’s voice was a pleasant surprise at first, and along the way of my fangirling he became my inspiration. Things are a little different with Baekhyun, as from the very beginning until now he’s ben my <em>addiction. </em>It sounds pretty insane but I’ve figured that’s the best way to describe my feelings towards him. Reading their Highcut magazine interview, knowing he was the talkative one, hence the more popular member of the group; I was honestly prepared for the decline in my interest in him; since I have a (bad) tendency to pay less attention when something/ someone become widely known. Which never happens in this case with Baekhyun; in fact, every day I find myself falling for him even deeper.

I’ve been into Kpop for more than three years, watching a thousand or so performances of different artists, but I have hardly ever been so attracted by a performer. Every single time I watch EXO stages, whether it’s K’s only or OT12, I find it impossible to take my eyes off Baekhyun. He is supposedly not the visual of the group, but on stage he outshined almost everyone. I wouldn’t argue about Kai’s stage presence, personally I think the two of them are equal in this aspect, but Baekhyun, aside from dancing, also carried the vocal burden. Kyungsoo’s voice, in my humble opinion, might be slightly better than his; but during live performances of MAMA Baekhyun has proven to be more consistent, and he also sings more. He’s not in the dancing line, but his moves are powerful and captivating in their own way. In short, on stage he’s close to flawless, with the exception of a few cracked notes, which were unavoidable, really, they had a packed schedule and not everyone can manage to scream like that on a regular basis without flaws.

The members once voted Baekhyun as the one who is the most different when he’s on stage. Of course there is no way I could know how different he really is, but the transformation from Baekhyun to Baekhyun-on-stage is amazing. Just look at this fancam of Baeklash from Dream Concert. From 0:06 onwards, you can clearly see the change in his eyes, in his look; the cute and naive looking Baekhyun in the first five seconds was completely replaced by his stage persona. I’ve lost count of how many time I’ve re-watched this clip, but it still has the same effect on me. I am thrilled.

Not the best looking members, but he oozes charisma and charms. His voice is definitely not the best ever, not even among EXO when there is a certain Kim Jongdae aka Chen; but it’s charming nonetheless. It is rich and smooth but a little husky, a voice that is made for R’nB. He still needs to work on his singing of ballads, but nobody’s perfect right. I would rather notice the flaws and watch him improve over the years than see his ego boosted by compliments. About this, I think we have to specially thank whoever cast him into SM, and his vocal trainer. Judging his predebut singing clips, I am not as surprised as I used to be about the reason why he got rejected by all the agencies he applied for before. His voice back then was rough, and he had quite little control over it, so sometimes the notes fell flat or off-key. I think he worked extremely hard during his training days, during vocal lessons and everything, because his improvements are significant. It’s quite incredible that someone can make such a huge progress within less than a year.

Another thing I love about Baekhyun is his spontaneous reaction to music. It’s like music runs in his veins, whenever it’s on he will sing along the tune, or maybe just move along the rhythm even if he doesn’t know the lyrics (something he has in common with Chanyeol by the way) I’ve noticed it since the first time they went to a radio show on Sukira, and several other occasions including this backstage fancam from CoverboyCY. As soon as the music for MBLAQ’s Oh yeah is on, he started to dance, so concentrated even though they were at the back, even though that was not even their song.

He also has this habit of randomly singing/ dancing/ tapping along an unknown rhythm by himself;  whether it’sduring fan sign events, while walking down the streets, while waiting at the airport, etc. Even in their van, he and Chanyeol would give the managers headache with their loud singing and beatboxing lol. I find that amusing, and also endearing &lt;3

Talking about appearance, Baekhyun is like a boy with a thousand faces. One day he’s cute, the next he’s fierce and sexy, the next he’s handsome, and the day after he’s more beautiful than girls OTL And he’s super attractive in whichever way he appears, with or without eye liner &lt;3

I stan Baekhyun the performer, and I also adore the Baekhyun we see offstage. He is funny, the mood maker of the group as claimed by other members, kkap Baekhyun as advertised by the agency, someone with natural variety talents (I suggest you watch his imitation of Christina, that was mind blowing LOL) ;that’s the common impression. But I am rather concerned about Tao’s comment about his personality: <em>”gentle, never gets angry”</em>; doesn’t that sound a little contradictory? But then again, who said a person with good sense of humour cannot be gentle?

He is also extremely nice and sweet to fans; during fansign events he always has this smile that lights up the whole world on, his eyes always scan his surrounding and take notice of his fans’ whereabout and smiles at them very often (trust me I’ve checked a looooot of fancams from different fansites who stood at different positions but all managed to capture his dazzling smiles &gt;__&lt;) Baekhyun, together with Chanyeol, are the ones who never forget to mention the other half of EXO - the M boys, in their messages to fans. At times I secretly think that his sweetness a little rehearsed, that he’s pretty smart to knows what the fangirls want and indulge them; but deep down I believe in the genuineness of his actions &lt;3 The other members favors him too, and not only K’s but M’s boys as well… seems that this boy has captured the hearts of everyone huh? What is there not to love about him, really?

I assume both his attractiveness and the fact that he’s so appreciative of his fans have gained him so many fans, and during the first 2 months of their debut it felt like a fansite of his was created every few days. They make up like one fifth of my Twitter following list, no kidding. And all of them are awesome omg. Never in my fangirl’s life have I seen such high quality photos, such stable and clear fancams, from different angles too. I stan Baekhyun and I also stan his fangirls/ fanboys; I mean look at the quality of their pics and clips, look at how they follow him everywhere; the time and efforts and money they spend… I truly look up to them. The fact that his three fansites See The Light, Baekhyun Stage and Minor Planet did a joint project on his birthday was heartwarming, not everyday do you see fansites unite like that; and the fact that they were so accountable and transparent afterwards makes me respect them even more &lt;3

As if the addiction with Baekhyun is not enough, I am also fascinated by BaekYeol. Funny how Ryeowook and Kyuhyun used to be the least popular members, and KyuWook was once considered a rare pairing; while Baekhyun and Chanyeol are among the more popular members and BaekYeol is one of EXO’s canon pairings lol. It doesn’t matter whether they’re canon or not though, I like them because I feel them. There is no way to explain my interest in BaekYeol without sounding cheesy hahhah to put it simply, I like their friendship, how they are both talented oddballs, how they are so freaking in sync, how they looks so fucking good together. <em>”Next to me, you shine more brightly”</em> is my BaekYeol motto, because really they complement each other so well, on stage and off stage &lt;3 Some fans are nutheads and spoil the fun of loving them, but nevermind I’ve mastered the skill of ignoring the unpleasant LOL

Baekhyun’s gonna fly even higher, I believe, with the potential he has in him, with his good attitude towards work - always gives it all on stage, and with the support of his awesome fans &lt;3 I’m watching, we’re watching over you, Byun Baek &lt;3&lt;3&lt;3